Knights Stream School | Mingimingi Hautoa

Our People | Iwi

Our staff is what makes our school so vibrant and exciting. We have a dedicated, professional and friendly team who provide the best environment for our students and their whānau to learn together.

Senior Leadership Team

Mike Molloy
Mike MolloyPrincipal | Tumuaki
Anna Ashby
Anna AshbyDeputy Principal
Leigh Hurford
Leigh HurfordAssociate Principal
(On study leave)
Gregory Stanton
Gregory StantonActing Associate Principal
Sue Beattie
Sue BeattieOffice Manager

Teachers | Kaiako

Year 0 – 2 Team

Hayley Tanser
Hayley TanserActing Team Leader | Hawai
Year 2
Jacqui van Herpt
Jacqui van HerptPūrekireki
Year 1
Georgia Taylor
Georgia TaylorPūrekireki
Year 0/1
Lesley Debenham
Lesley DebenhamPūrekireki
Year 1
Catherine Mackenzie
Catherine MackenzieRaupō
Year 1
Christie Bowden
Christie BowdenRaupō
Year 1
Katie Schuyt
Katie SchuytRaupō
Year 1
Holly Breen
Holly BreenHawai
Year 2
Tania Malins
Tania MalinsHawai
Year 2

Teachers | Kaiako

Year 3 & 4 Team

Dorinda Hamton
Dorinda HamtonTeam Leader | Tōtara
Year 3/4
Jane McLaughlan
Jane McLaughlanTōtara
Year 3/4
Tim Weutsen
Tim WeutsenTōtara
Year 3/4
Mackenzie Allan
Mackenzie AllanMataī
Year 3/4
Tracy Simons
Tracy SimonsMataī
Year 3/4
Anna L Lee
Anna L LeeTuna
Year 3/4
Henry Smith
Henry SmithTuna
Year 3/4

Teachers | Kaiako

Year 5 – 8 Team

Tom Mould
Tom MouldTeam Leader | Pātiki
Year 7/8
Elshké Pietzner
Elshké PietznerHīrau
Year 5/6
Ryan Burson
Ryan BursonHīrau
Year 5/6
John Preston
John PrestonMōkihi
Year 5/6
Ruby Braam
Ruby BraamMōkihi
Year 5/6
Sally Craw
Sally CrawPātiki
Year 7/8

Part-time Teachers | Kaiako

Delaram Kazemi Banks
Delaram Kazemi BanksRelease Teacher
Kelly Hubbard
Kelly HubbardRelease Teacher
Angela Scott
Angela ScottRelease Teacher
Cam Duncraft
Cam DuncraftRelease Teacher
Alice McCabe
Alice McCabeRelease Teacher
Anita Wessels
Anita WesselsRelease Teacher

Support Staff

Bionda Morelissen
Bionda MorelissenTeacher Aide
Jackie Green
Jackie GreenTeacher Aide
Jane Manoa
Jane ManoaTeacher Aide
Jude Dunlop
Jude DunlopTeacher Aide
Jyoti Bhana
Jyoti BhanaTeacher Aide
Maggie Li
Maggie LiTeacher Aide
Natalie Peters
Natalie PetersTeacher Aide
Penny Caldwell
Penny CaldwellTeacher Aide
Theresa Perham
Theresa PerhamTeacher Aide
 Angela Rosewall
Angela RosewallTeacher Aide
Haleigh Scott
Haleigh ScottTeacher Aide
Andrea Dennis
Andrea DennisTeacher Aide
Keelin Mullins
Keelin MullinsTeacher Aide
Kate Miyazaki
Kate MiyazakiTeacher Aide
Jenny Growcott
Jenny GrowcottReading recovery
Kelly Hubbard
Kelly HubbardLibrarian|Kaitiaki Pukapuka
Sarah Ritchie
Sarah RitchieOffice Assistant
Taffy Holt
Taffy HoltCaretaker
Susan Duffield
Susan DuffieldGarden Specialist