Welcome Wall Sponsorship

April 3, 2024

Dear parents and whānau,

As part of our amazing inclusive and diverse community we are now developing a ‘Welcome Wall’. Like the flag mural this is another way to include the many cultures that are at Knights Stream School | Mingimingi Hautoa so that everyone feels welcome in our kura (school). 

We have planned 33 different languages that will be displayed between the Tari (Office) and Whare Pukapuka (Library). The total cost of the project is $6,800 and we are keen on parents sponsoring a ‘welcome’. We need to raise $3,800 to complete the project.

We are getting close to finalising this project so its the last few days to be part of this unique opportunity!!

Each ‘welcome’ is $120. If you are keen on supporting this project please email principal@knightsstream.school.nz with which ‘welcome’ you would like to sponsor. Deposits can be made to the school bank account or via EFTPOS in the Tari.

Matua Mike


mike visuals   PDF, 1.4 MB
welcomes not to scale   PDF, 467.7 KB