As the school grows so too does the pressure on resources and space. The carpark is no exception.

Kia ora Whānau,

Here is a reminder 

Please do not queue and block the flow of traffic. If the carpark is full please use the parking across the road at Knights Stream Park and use the kea crossing with your children. 

The ‘Kiss and Go’ is not a place to park in the morning. Please do not leave your car to enter the school as this blocks the flow of traffic.  After school this is a P3 area – please collect your child/ren and leave the space for others. Here is a video to help.

We actively encourage children to bike, walk and scooter to school. If pupils walk, scooter or bike to and from school they need to be competent at crossing roads and cyclists need to have excellent road sense. High visibility safety vests are available from Mainland Uniforms and are to be worn at all times. Younger cyclists (Y1-5) should be accompanied by an adult. Cycles and scooters are to be put in the stands. Cycle safety helmets are required by law.

Please do not park in the Waitaha spaces as these are for their taxis.

Bikes and scooters are allowed to be used at school (once stage 2 is completed). Children must wear suitable footwear and helmets. Children are not allowed to share bikes, scooters or helmets.

If crossing Richmond Avenue please use the Kea Crossing between 8.25am – 8.45am and 2.50pm – 3.10pm

Travelling to School by Car: Requirements for child restraints.

The law says you must:

Until their 7th birthday

Correctly secure your child in an approved child restraint

From their 7th to their 8th birthday

Correctly secure your child in an approved child restraint if one is available in the vehicle (and if not, in any child restraint or safety belt that is available)

From 8th birthday to 14 years old

Must use safety belts if available. If not available, they must travel in the back seat.

Over 14 years old

Must use safety belts where they are available.

Please note that front airbags can be dangerous to small children in the front seat of a vehicle.