Tomorrow we begin our Kings Swimming lessons.

Our swimming lessons will run from Tuesday 28th May – Monday 10th June.  The students will have 8 lessons as opposed to the original plan of 10. With Queens Birthday and the teacher strike in the middle, that takes two days out, but the students will only be charged for 8 lessons and will still receive a similar programme as we’re a smaller school. 

Please remember the following gear for tomorrow and every swim day;

– Swimming togs

– Towel

– Swim cap and goggles (swim caps are compulsory, but Kings can provide these if students do not have one. They can also be purchased for $10.

– Water bottle

Please make sure that all swimming gear is well named and double check that all uniform items are named too. 

The swim times for our students are;

Raupū and Paretai– bus leaves at 9.00am and returns at 10.30am.

Purekireki and Hawai– bus leaves at 9.50am and returns at 11.15am.

By Craig Allchurch