Please find information about the opening of Richmond Ave to John Paterson Drive.

“I’m writing this email to inform you that additional speed signs for Richmond Avenue will be in place later this week (on Wednesday or Thursday). The new signs are gateway signs; they clearly show the 40kph speed limit and have Knight’s Stream written on them – informing drivers that they are entering a sub-division.

Upon confirmation that the signs are in place, the temporary traffic management on the John Paterson Drive/Richmond Avenue intersection will be removed, enabling the road to be opened for public use. The Police have been informed of the opening of this intersection.

You will remember attending a public meeting at Knight’s Stream school in September where driver behaviour in the sub-division was discussed.

One of the measures discussed at the meeting to mitigate driver behaviour was to increase the number and visibility of 40kph speed signs in and around the sub-division. You will have noticed a number of new signs that have been installed and 40kph painted on the roads. The gateway signs are in keeping with the desire to inform drivers of the speed limit of the sub-division.

A traffic count has been arranged for Richmond Avenue and Caulfield Avenue, starting at the Caulfield Avenue end, this will also help determine current speed of traffic in Knight’s Stream and Longhurst.

At the meeting in September, I committed to informing you of when the intersection would be opening and arranging a future meeting around two months after it was opened. As such, we will arrange a future meeting to take place at the end of January or in early February, perhaps the week after Waitangi Day. We will confirm the date and venue once it has been arranged.

Additionally, at the meeting in September, it was suggested that residents would be keen to volunteer to deliver leaflets informing neighbours of any future meeting, Marie Byrne ( will be organising the next meeting, should you wish to volunteer, please be in contact with Marie.

Finally, please feel free to forward this email and let your neighbours know that the intersection will be opening soon.

Ngā mihi


Matthew Pratt
Manager Community Governance (WaipunaHal-Hor-Ric)
Community Governance Team (Hal-Hor-Ric)

By Mike Molloy