Starting on 07 June 2022, consultation around an amended enrolment scheme will begin for our school. 

This is to clarify our home zone boundary due to residential development and roading changes and to reduce the extent of the remaining overlap with Halswell School to manage the risk of overcrowding.

Our Board has requested that this proposed amendment also includes a small number of addresses on Halswell Junction Road near Wigram Road.

The written description will also be updated and the enrolment scheme wording will be updated to reflect the Education and Training Act 2020.

You can read about this proposal at and complete the survey to place your feedback.

All students who are currently enrolled before the amended enrolment scheme commences are entitled to remain enrolled. Any siblings of current students currently residing in the withdrawal area may be able to enrol at the school under the specific “additional entitlement to enrol” provision (this is also known as ‘Grandparenting’).

Please read all the information on the above website before placing your feedback.

Consultation closes on 08 July 2022.

Copies of the proposed enrolment scheme and the survey are available at the school office.

Please find attached a letter regarding consultation around the proposed enrolment scheme amendment for our school. The proposed enrolment scheme details are also attached.

Please provide the Board feedback to this email address by 08 July 2022.

By Mike Molloy


Knights Stream School 579 – Proposed enrolment scheme 2022 (2)   PDF, 663.1 KB
Additional entitlement to enrol   PDF, 152.1 KB
FAQs – Amendment to an Enrolment Scheme   PDF, 162.7 KB
What is consultation   PDF, 145.1 KB
Wording around dates for ES – Amend   PDF, 173 KB