We will be holding two parent information sessions to explain why we encourage BYOD in years 4 – 8 at Knights Stream School. These will be held in Te Ruma Kaimahi (Staffroom) at 3:15pm on Thursday, 2nd December and Wednesday, 8th December.

BYOD Information

Our goal is to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to become digitally capable individuals.

We focus on students building their skills so they can be innovative creators of digital solutions, moving beyond solely being users and consumers of digital technologies.

We are encouraging our students in years 4 – 8 to bring their own iPad to school for learning. This allows us to maintain good device ratios in our junior and middle school and enables our teachers to plan for innovative learning experiences with digital technology across our whole school. 

From 2021 we opened up the BYOD scheme for Year 4 students too. A brand new iPad will typically last around 5 years at a minimum if used correctly. So Year 4 and up is the perfect time to purchase.

Here is the link to Apple Education pricing and student discounts.


Noel Leeming BYOD Membership 

BYOD Process – What you need to know

Step 1

  • Purchase an iPad that fits the following criteria

    • 5th Generation iPads or higher only (this enables iOS and app updates)

    • Provide a robust iPad case

    • Apple Pencil and keyboard optional

Step 2

  • Read, discuss and co-sign our BYOD Policy (find attached and also supplied on request)

Step 3

  • Bring your device to school for the initial setup

    • Devices can be set up for school use on Monday mornings during term time when our IT provider is on-site

Step 4

  • Home use

    • Add your own apple ID to the App Store if you would like to add your own apps

    • Add your own apple ID to the iBooks if you would like to add your own books

    • Create a folder on the app screen to store home use apps 

Step 5

  • Bring the iPad to school charged each day

If you are interested in BYOD for your child and have any questions, please feel free to contact me,

Catherine Mackenzie


By Catherine Mackenzie


Digital Technology and BYOD   PDF, 5.4 MB
iPads   PDF, 1 MB
Knights Stream School BYOD Policy   PDF, 136 KB