Our People   |   Iwi

Our staff is what makes our school so vibrant and exciting. We have a dedicated, professional and friendly team who provide the best environment for our students and their whānau to learn together.

Leadership Team

Mike Molloy

Principal  |  Tumuaki

Anna Ashby

Associate Principal

Craig Allchurch

Associate Principal

Leigh Hurford

Junior School Team Leader

Teachers  |  Kaimahi

Tania Malins

NE-Year 1 Teacher  |  Pūrekireki

Tracy Thompson

Year 1-2 Teacher  |  Raupō

Angela Scott

Year 1-2 Part Time Teacher  |  Raupō

Eilish Moran

NE Teacher  |  Pūrekireki

Elshke Pietzer

Year 1 Teacher  |  Raupō

Anna Leigh

Year 1 Teacher  |  Raupō

Beth Ridge

Year 2 Teacher  |  Raupō

Holly Webster

Year 3-4 Teacher  |  Hawai

Delaram Kazemi Banks

Year 3-4 Part Time Teacher  |  Hawai

Dorinda Hampton

Year 3-4 Teacher  |  Raupō

Jesse Volovola

Year 7-8 Teacher  |  Paretai

Catherine MacKenzie

Year 5-6 Teacher  |  Paretai


Shelley James

Team Leader |  Te Tupu Harakeke

Ella Pountney

Teacher |  Te Tupu Harakeke


Teacher |  Te Tupu Harakeke


Teacher |  Te Tupu Harakeke


Teacher Aide  |  Te Tupu Harakeke


Teacher Aide |  Te Tupu Harakeke

Support Staff

Sue Beattie

Office Manager

Jyoti Bhanna

Teacher Aide

Jenny Growcott

Reading Recovery

Jude Dunlop

Teacher Aide

Board of Trustees

Rebecca Jacka

Board of Trustees Chairperson