Please read for important information about the public holiday next Monday and how you can be involved in making active transport to school a safer option for the Knights Stream School community.

No School Next Monday the 26th of September

The Government has announced next Monday 26 September 2022 as Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day. This will mean that schools will be closed that day. We hope you will be able to do something special with your whānau instead.

Your opportunity to be involved in helping create safer transport routes to school for Knights Stream School children.

A University of Canterbury Ph.D. student, Grace Stapleton is working alongside the council and Knights Stream School to help develop some safe travel to school plans for Knights Stream School. Grace is interested in finding out about the safest active transport routes for students at Knights Stream School, what the current transport barriers are in the area, and how the negative impact of motorised transport in the area can be reduced. The information from this study will help to create safer transport routes for school children attending Knights Stream School.

There is a folder in the Tari with all the documentation relating to Grace’s work, and you are welcome to view the information.

This Wednesday and Friday before and after school you may see Grace observing the behaviours at the ‘Kiss and Go’, the school’s front gate, and the streets surrounding the school.

Next term there will be an opportunity for whānau to be involved:

Grace will be holding focus groups at Knights Stream School on the following days:

Week 1 – Friday 21st October – 8am and 3pm

Week 3 – Wednesday 2nd November – 8am and 3pm

Week 5 – Monday 14th November – 8am and 3pm

Grace is also open to holding Zoom focus group meetings if whānau would like to be involved but cannot make it to school.

If you would like to be involved in one of these focus groups please email your name and contact details to with the time you would prefer to be involved.