Friday 18th November 2022

Year 03 5.45pm – 7.05pm

Year 4-8 7.15- 8.30pm

For quicker entry on the night, we encourage you to pre-purchase your tickets and disco dollars (DD – this is the currency used inside the disco).

You can purchase your disco tickets and disco dollars from the front gates at school on the following days and times:

Monday 14th, between 8.30-9am and 2.45-3.15pm.

Tuesday 15th, between 8.30-9am and 2.45-3.15pm.

Wednesday 16th 8.30-9am

Friday 18th between 8.30-9am

Ticket $5 per child – Entry

$10 = 5 disco dollars (all items inside the disco are 1-2 DD each)


If you are able to please help out at all, we still have some open spots and would be so grateful. Please click on the link ( and see if there is something you could possibly lend a hand with. Especially with the senior hours and the clean-up!

Important – you’re welcome to stay and hang out inside the disco with your children or join other parents in the staffroom. Disco start and finish times are important as there will be a change over for the senior’s disco. If you drop your children off please ensure you are back in time to collect them.

So here are some helpful tips and reminders for the night.

Please be patient with us – this is a busy event, we are all volunteering our time, and we are doing our best – please be kind.

Upon entry, there will be two lines – pre-sold tickets and door sales. Please make sure you are in the right line. We will be trying to move things as quickly as possible. If you have cash we can take this up the line to help speed things along.

Ticket $5 per child – Entry

$10 = 5 disco dollars (all items inside the disco are 1-2 DD each)

Disco dollars (DD) will purchase the following things:

Snack table: Snack-size chips, Cookies, Popcorn, and Lollies = 1 DD

Food table: Pizza (Hawaiin and GF Cheese), Can of drink = 1 DD

Glow product table: Extra glow products: Large 2 DD, Small 1 DD

DON’T FORGET your disco tickets, disco dollars, and please bring a named drink bottle to keep for your child on the water table. Cash will not be available to use inside the disco. Most importantly, TO HAVE FUN!