With the weather improving many KSS children and their families are making the effort to walk to school. We’d like them to be able to cross the crossing safely!

As a result of an accident I have an injured foot and ankle. This means I am not able to carry out Road Crossing duty. I am reaching out to the wider community to ask for some support to cover this important role.

What the role involves:

  • meeting the road patrollers who are on duty in the office
  • taking the flags out to the crossing and helping the children set up the road patrol station at the crossing
  • greeting children and their families who come to the crossing
  • ensuring people cross safely when instructed by the road patrollers


  • morning crossing 8.15- 8.45am
  • afternoon crossing 2.45 – 3.10pm

We already have parents or grandparents doing this role on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and on Wednesday morning. If you would be able to carry out this important task any of the other days we (especially me) would really appreciate it.

Please email me anna.ashby@knightsstream.school.nz if you would like to help. 

Mā te wā,

Whaea Anna A

By Anna Ashby