Friends of School   |   FOS (PTA)

The Friends of School (FOS) is a parent/grandparent, caregiver and teacher group that aims to support Knights Stream School. Our objective is to assist in the planning and execution of school events, as well as to generate ideas for fundraising and manage related activities.

As a group, we share a common goal of giving back to the school and the broader community in which our children are receiving their early education.

FOS offers a unique opportunity to engage with the school community, stay informed about happenings across all year levels at Knights Stream School, and to have a meaningful impact on the school experience of our children. The FOS committee provides an avenue for parents to connect, collaborate, and actively contribute to the life of the school.

New Members

The Friends of School welcomes everyone to attend our meetings and learn more about our organisation. Our doors are always open, and current members are available to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to come visit us at one of our meetings.

FOS has been actively supporting the school for approximately four years. However, as some of our primary school children graduate, we find ourselves in need of new members to fill key roles.

Our meetings are held on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening, once per term, typically from 6.45pm to 8.00pm. Notice of these meetings will be posted on the school website and on the Friends of School (PTA) Facebook page.

If you are interested in learning more about FOS or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Our Drive

We love to give back!

The mission of the Friends of School (FOS) is to give back to Knights Stream School and support the wider community and local businesses. We are motivated by our shared belief in the importance of investing in the education and well-being of our children and the community in which we live. We take pride in knowing that our efforts will contribute to creating a positive and enriching environment for our children and the community at large.


Our Objectives

1.  To be a friendly network for parents, grandparents, caregivers and teachers  to meet and interact.

2. To provide extra financial assistance for the school through fundraising activities.

3. To support learning programmes at KSS School.

4. To support children with financial hardship.

5. To have fun!

FOS Contribution to Date

Since the inception of the Friends of School (FOS), we have organised a variety of engaging community events, fundraisers, and parent evenings. Despite the difficulties posed by the ongoing Covid pandemic, we have been able to make meaningful contributions to Knights Stream School. To date, the FoS has:

Here is what FOS has contributed to date:

Swimming lessons for the entire school
Buses for Halswell Quarry Pepeha Walk
Dance Schools programme
Football goals and weights

Up to $1000 per learning space for new games and activities
KSS adult sports jackets x12
Bus for Paretai tamariki to Deans Bush/Riccarton House
KSS Garden to Table programme – Tutor contribution
Court Theatre programme contribution

We are so excited to have 2023 upon us and what the year will bring!

Up Coming Events

Dates for FoS Meetings in 2023

Meet the FOS Team