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Join our community fundraising campaign as we strive to create a new adventure playground for our growing school. With student enrolment increasing from 89 to 405, our current facilities no longer meet the needs of our vibrant community. We need your support to provide a dynamic and inclusive outdoor space where students can explore, interact, and thrive.

Through a collaborative process involving students, parents, and teachers, we have decided to establish an adventure playground that sparks imagination and offers new experiences. It will feature climbing frames, slides, and sensory play areas, fostering creativity, physical activity, and essential motor skills.

But the impact of this playground will extend beyond our school. Our diverse community, with over 25,000 residents and a significant number of young families, lacks inclusive gathering spaces. By opening the playground to everyone, we can foster inclusivity, social cohesion, and positive interaction among children of different backgrounds and abilities.

To make this vision a reality, we need to raise $100,000. Your contribution will help us acquire play equipment, materials, and safety features. In return, we will prominently recognise your organisation at the playground, on our website and social media platforms, and invite you to the grand opening ceremony.

Please consider supporting our funding proposal. We are available to provide additional information and address any questions. Together, we can create a vibrant space where children and families come together to learn, grow, and build lasting memories.

Let’s build a playground where dreams take flight!

How can you help


We value any contribution, be it your time or a monetary donation, that you are willing to make towards the Play Together, Thrive Together Fundraising Campaign. Knights Stream School is incredibly grateful for your support.

If you would like to explore the option of making a donation, we kindly encourage you to get in touch with Zelda Yates, a member of our Board of Trustees. You can reach Zelda via email at or by phone at +64 27 782 4432.