In 2022 the Skool Loop App is being used to book Whānau Connection Interviews. These are held in Week 3 of Term 1 and Term 3 each year. These are a chance to virtually meet via Zoom and meet your whānau teacher and to establish some goals for 2022.

In Term 1 these are being held on:

Tuesday 15 February, 3pm – 8pm

Thursday 17 February, 3pm – 6pm

School will finish at 2.30pm on these days to allow the teachers to prepare. Any child that is not collected at 2.30pm will be sent to the Wharehui and can be collected from there at 2.50pm.

Please note: new entrant children that have just started school and/or have not had their 6-week interview do not need to attend these meetings. We do expect all other parents/caregivers to book a time.

If you can not make these times please see your teacher to make alternative arrangements.

Booking instructions are attached.

Closer to the time a zoom link will be sent from classroom teachers to parents. More instructions will be given then.

By Mike Molloy


Booking Whānau Connection Interviews Through Skool Loop   PDF, 445.3 KB